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No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine.

Use your wallet address as the username.

Payouts are made automatically every 60 minutes, for all balances above 0.001. in the currency you mined.

Block rewards are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.

United States:
-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS>
-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS>
Of course both stratum server locations are supporting each other! 2 Continents -> 1 Poolhashrate
Download an Oasis wallet:
If you don't have an Oasis wallet address yet, download the wallet from one of the following links:
Create address and submit:

Create yourself an own OASIS address and submit it to our pool to receive additional payouts like this:

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p OASIS-<OASIS_ADRESS>
EU & US stratum servers!
Mine for minimum 60 minutes to activate OASIS bonus payments for your worker.

If you are using multiple mining rigs, you can set a name for each of them. Just separate your rig name with an '.' from your wallet address:

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS>.<RIGNAME>

If you are using ccminer, you can submit your miners benchmark data to our pool with adding 'stats' to the -p parameter:

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p stats
Automatic difficulty:

By default, yiimp will adjust the difficulty of your miner automatically over time until you have from 5 to 15 submits per minute. It's a good trade off between bandwidth and accuracy. Don't set any -p parameter, to use this function.

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS>
Manual difficulty:

You can also set a fixed custom difficulty using the password parameter. For example, if you want to set the difficulty to 64, you would use:

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p d=64