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Algo Time Chip Device Vendor ID Arch Hashrate Int. Freq W H/W Client OS Driver / Compiler
lyra2z5mo1060ASUS GTX 10601043:1760SM 6.1@5.21.08 MH1618606416.895 kccminer/2.3win64CUDA 9.0 416.81
lyra2z5mo1060ASUS GTX 10601043:1760SM 6.1@5.21.09 MH1618606217.562 kccminer/2.3win64CUDA 9.0 416.81
lyra2z5mo750GeForce GTX 7500000:0000SM 5.0115.85 kH181084--ccminer/2.3linuxCUDA 9.1
lyra2z5mo750GeForce GTX 7500000:0000SM 5.0116.8 kH181084--ccminer/2.3linuxCUDA 9.1
lyra2z6mo1060ASUS GTX 10601043:1760SM 6.1@5.21.06 MH1618736316.837 kccminer/2.3win64CUDA 9.0 416.16
lyra2z Average (3 records)1.08 MH1616706317.1 k0.07217 mBTC/day 

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